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Live Cameras to Watch the Animal Kingdom

Social distance guidelines, obligations to work remotely and expanding closures around the world; it has allowed many of us to stay at home these days and connect more with nature. We may not go to South Africa to search for the big 5, or go to see penguins along Antarctica’s coastline, but many organizations share links to live webcams to see people and keep them connected.

Thanks to these wildlife webcams, we can come face to face with all kinds of creatures in our living room or kitchen. Whether you watch the elephants bathing late or browse the foxes, these 6 wild webcams will take you behind the mountains, forests and bushes.

Magellanic Penguins / California Aquarium, Pacific, Long Beach

The Pacific Aquarium, located on the southern coast of California, hosts 20 Magellanic penguins. You can watch rocky and underwater penguins from the camera here. They have different cameras for not only penguins but also sharks, a colorful tropical reef, hypnotic jellyfish and more.

African Elephants / Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa

In Tempe Elephant Park, close to Africa’s Mozambique border, there are several other large elephants, along with other large mammals. Do not forget to turn on the sound when turning on the webcam; In addition to elephants, sounds of birds and other living creatures are heard. Apart from elephants, you can see different types of antelope, leopards and other animals at the water’s edge.

Tennessee Aquarium / Chattanooga, Tennessee

This aquarium is home to the most diverse freshwater animals in America. Among them are otters living in the North American rivers, which spend their days in the rocks, climbing, splashing water and jumping into the water. It is possible to watch otters and animals in other live cameras 24/7.

Bald Eagles / Decorah, Iowa

You can see images of bald eagles near a private property near Decorah. When you click on Kamreya you can see an eagle sitting right in front of you. Thanks to this webcam installed on a tree top, you can witness the daily lives of the eagles.

Gray Wolves / International Wolf Center, Minnesota

They have set up multiple webcam broadcasts to monitor the wildlife of wolves from people all over the world on an area of ​​approximately 1.5 decares. Since 1989, this facility has been organizing various trainings and informing for the health and safety of wolves.

Gorilla Forest / Grace Center, Democratic Republic of the Congo

After a prolonged period with political unrest and the Ebola epidemic, and Congo’s Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education (GRACE) Center launched this publication in September 2019 so people can watch the gorillas. It may be nice to see these dangerous gorillas eating, sleeping and playing from where you sit.

Apart from these, there are also 92 live broadcasts on animals. from this link You can reach.

If you are looking for different contents for spending time at home movie suggestions, online museums you can visit and there is a post where you can find a lot of free content here.

Free Content Available for Covid-19 Days

Nowadays, there are many free content about internet archivists, resources, magazines, books and applications that you can access from the internet. While most of them were paid, they opened all or some of their content for free until a certain time specific to these epidemic days, some of them were always free. Although the situations are bad, we can see them as an opportunity to reach and try such things.

I have written one by one content that is of interest to me and can be useful for the general public. Please do not forget to add it as a comment if you know anything.

SPORT / Down dog : Normally paid application is free until April 1. If you are a student or have an email address with the -edu extension, it is free until July 1st. While being a member, you can become a member accordingly. Afterwards, you can proceed from the application for daily exercise such as yoga and exercise.

BOOK / Adam Fawer : You can download 3 separate books free of charge as .pdf or .epub.

BOOK / Cambridge University Press :More than 700 textbooks published in Cambridge Core are available for free until the end of May from this link.

COURSE / Coursera : Courses can be accessed by registering for free in many fields. If you want to get a certificate then you have to pay a fee.

COURSE / Khan Academy : This website, which is mostly free Turkish lessons for high school and below student groups, is also one of the free ones if I don’t know wrong. There is good content that works.

COURSE / Opencultur to : There is about 1500 options of my listing on this site and almost all courses are free. Since you can find many courses in many subjects, it is necessary to examine a little.

DIGITAL / Google Garage: It offers free certified training, especially for those who want to specialize in digital marketing and Google services. There is a Turkish language option. One of my interests.

LEARNING / Curious : For those who believe in lifelong learning, they send you learning topics that you choose for 5, 15 or 30 minutes according to your choice not only in academic subjects but also in many subjects such as beer brewing, pipe soldering, organic gardening.

THE ENGLISH / Memris to : If you often want to learn new words in English or where to start, you can check this site.

THE ENGLISH / Duolingo : It sounds like an application that many people try and leave after a while, but I think it is nice to use it for the beginner level of many languages. It has application and it is very easy to use.

NEWS IN ENGLISH / Newsinlevels : If you want to read daily news to improve your English, the same news is presented to the reader on 3 different levels on this site.

EDUCATION / KOSGEB : You can get the trainings prepared with distance learning for free.

EDUCATION / Istanbul Business Institute : A platform where you can find a lot of training. You can get online certificates with exams after the trainings.

ENCODE / Freecodecamp : If you are looking for the exact time to learn coding, you can start from this site for free.

ENCODE / Beeacademy : In this site, coding education especially for children seems to be free. They made it fun to make videos fun. It can be taken care of for children between the ages of 6 and 14 or I think it already does not know and if you are curious.

Udemy, FutureLearn, Adison online courses and trainings. There are Neoskala, one of the other sites that catch my eye. Each site has content that you can spend minutes of if you are interested.

Hopefully they will help you to spend your time with high quality. Let me remind you again, you can write your favorite apps / websites as comments so everyone gets more out of it.

What is Schengen Visa, How to Get It?

Schengen visa, which can be obtained by the member countries of the Schengen Area, A form of visa permitting free movement within the Schengen Area of ​​the European Union Schengen members as well as all EFTA Schengen members, during its validity and period of time. Thanks to the common border and common visa application known as the Schengen Area, To 32 countries only a single visa taking, that is Schengen visa By taking, you can login.

When you receive a Schengen visa, your entry into the countries included in this agreement is free, and you can stay in the country / countries you traveled through during the visa period you received or during your travel.


The Schengen area currently consists of 26 member states; 22 of them are members of the European Union while 4 of them are part of EFTA, that is, the European Free Trade Association. So, for example, since Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, but is a member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), you can enter Switzerland with your existing Schengen visa, or you can apply from Switzerland and roam in the Schengen area as much as you have right with a visa.

Schengen Area Except the UK covers most of the European countries.

Schengen countries;Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

If the name is not mentioned here, that country is one of those countries that do not require a visa (or may have applications such as e-visa, visa at the door). For this Countries Not Requiring a Visa you can look at my article.


Czech Republic
Monaco *
Romania *
San Marino*

* These countries are not yet members of Schengen, so they do not issue a Schengen visa. However, you can travel to these countries with your Schengen visa obtained from another country. When you need to get a visa from these countries, the visa you get is the country’s own visa and not a Schengen visa.

** Normally Southern Cyprus is also included in this list, but those who have a Turkish passport cannot enter Cyprus with a Schengen visa, so a separate visa must be obtained from Greece. Her too here I wrote in my writing.

Schengen Area Map


You can obtain a Schengen visa through the agency of the country you want to go to. To obtain a Schengen visa, you can make an online appointment and prepare your documents from the institutions determined by each country; you can apply on your appointment day.

You can find the documents you need to prepare by going to the official visa offices or consulates I have given below.

You will apply with your documents on the appointment day and pay the visa fee on the visa application day.



Germany Idata / Consulate
Austria VFS Global
Belgium VFS Global
Czech Republic VFS Global
Denmark VFS Global
Estonia VFS Global
Finland VFS Global
France VFS Global
Netherlands VFS Global
Spain BLS International
Sweden VFS Global
Switzerland tlscontact
Italy Idata / Consulate
Iceland (represented by Denmark) VFS Global
Latvia VFS Global
Liechtenstein (represented by Switzerland) tlscontact
Lithuania VFS Global
Luxembourg VFS Global
Hungary As Visa Solutions
Malta VFS Global
Norway Vfsglobal / Orangevize
Poland VFS Global
Portugal Orangeviz to
Slovakia Vfsglobal / Consulate
Slovenia Orangeviz to
Greece Changes by city
Kosmos – Vfsglobal


Visa fees vary and there are also different pricing according to categories. Compared to February 2020, the standard Schengen country entrance fee is 80 €, free for 0-6 years old, some countries are free for 6-12 years old, some 40 €, D type visa 116 €, reduced tariff 35 € and national education visa 50 €. .

In addition to this, in addition to the fixed visa fee (80Euro), there is a fee of 20 € or 30 € that visa centers charge for transactions. If you are applying with the visa center, not the consular application, this fee, which is mentioned in names such as the administrative coordination fee, Vfs service fee, must also be paid.

Remember that you will pay the visa fee directly to the authorized visa office or the consulate you are applying for on the day of your appointment for the visa application; you do not pay anybody before, always be careful against fraudsters because there are so many such unfortunate situations about this.

So in general, you can think of the fee payable for Schengen visa as 80 € + 30 €.

When should you apply for the SCHENGEN VISA?

When you want to apply for a Schengen visa, you can apply for a minimum of 6 months before your trip. Applications for a tourist visa were not received before. Visa offices recommend applying for a visa at least 4 weeks before the date of travel. I personally usually apply for a visa 3 weeks in advance. Schengen visa applications are said to result in an average of 10 business days. Some end up in 3 working days, while others can take up to 15 working days. Since there is no certainty, it is best to plan your time accordingly.

When you apply the Schengen visa should pay attention to the country’s public holidays and festivals when both the public holidays in both Turkey will apply. Because consulates will be closed at these dates, it may take longer than usual to process and conclude your visa.


There are 3 types of Schengen visas. The type of visa you need to apply depends on your travel purpose. If you are going to go somewhere as a tourist, you should apply to type C.

  1. TYPE C (Classic Tourist Visa)Type C Schangen visa, the day of stay is maximum 90 days; It is a classic Schengen visa, which is taken in cases of tourist or business travel. This 90 days of stay (duration of stay) is 90 days in every 180 days (may be 30 or 60 days). You are granted up to a maximum of 5 years and your C type Schengen visa is entitled to only 90 days per 180 days, whether it is 1 year, 2 years or 5 years.
  2. D TYPE (Visa with Residence Permit)Type D Schengen visa is the type of visa that is valid for stays longer than 90 days such as Erasmus, exchange programs, study, session. D type Schengen visa is valid in the country you are receiving. So if you want to travel between Schengen countries, your right to stay is 90 days in 180 days.
  3. TYPE A (Transit Visa)Although it is not a very common type of visa, the visa you need to have when you make a connecting flight from a country requesting a Schengen visa is a type A visa. You must get this visa from which country you have a connecting flight.


When your Schengen visa is positive, it grants you the right to enter and exit Schengen member countries for a limited period of time. Even if you have requested multiple entries, you may encounter a single entry visa and vice versa. In any case, you should not forget to travel according to the rules of your visa.

Single entry – You can travel in the Schengen area for the time written on the visa you have obtained. You can also switch to other countries while you are entitled to stay at your single exit.

Double Entry –If it says 2 in the number of entries section of your visa; You can travel to the Schengen area at 2 different times during the dates when your visa is valid.

Multiple Login –If you write Multi in the section where you can enter, you can enter and exit unlimited in 180 days during your visa dates.


If you do not have a valid Schengen visa, you will need a transit visa if you have a connecting flight from the countries below.

Czech Republic


1. Make sure you have a valid passport and at least 6 months from the date of application. Some countries want a passport with a duration of at least 1 year, check with the documents requested by the country you are applying for.

2. When planning your trip, you must first create your appointment at the visa center or consulate. You can look at the list above which web page for which country you should look for. After creating your appointment, you can start preparing your documents. Depending on your workplace, it is possible to collect all documents in 1 day.

3. From the website of the country you will apply for, print out or write down the paper containing all the required documents depending on the visa type you will apply for. Do not go to the application without preparing all the documents, respectively. Be sure to fill out the application form correctly. If there are parts that you are not sure about what to write, leave it blank and ask the official when you go to the application. If you want, they help you fill the entire application form at the application centers with an extra fee.

4. If your first visa application is required, you have to go to the visa application center in person, because you have to give fingerprints.

5. On the day and time you make the appointment, go to the application center, with all documents fully completed. After making your application, pay the fee and do not forget to share this information wherever you want your passport to arrive. Passports come to visa application centers and you can get them from there, but if you want them to be sent to a different address, you are usually asked to pay extra for this. Do not forget to say this at the time of application if it will be sent to another address.

6. After the application, you are given a receipt for application and payment, do not lose it. Take a picture of it and set it aside. You can check the status of your passport with the tracking number on that voucher and see if your passport came to the visa application center.

7. Remember that the only way to find out if your visa has been completed is to take the passport. Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to learn about internet inquiries or call center.

Apart from what I wrote here, another article that I recommend you read ” Schengen Visa: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers In this article, you can find answers to questions such as how much money should be on the account to get a visa, the correct use of a visa, traveling with a single entry visa. If you have a different question, please leave this post as a comment. I recommend that you do not enlarge the Schengen visa process in your mind, and make your application by completing the required documents completely.

Suggestions for Those Who Want to Learn and Improve English

I recently saw a research; Turkey was the country in Europe where most of the population ratios do not speak any foreign language! A few lines behind it were England. Although I am surprised at England; Since knowing English means accessing almost all information in the world, I think the British did not make much effort in this regard, but we do not have the same chance and unfortunately we are not very good at it.

Whether we say education system or our own laziness, we are inadequate in foreign language. Of course, this does not mean that we accept it and ignore all our enthusiasm for travel just because we cannot express ourselves. No need to give up trying; The solution is simple, paid or free, we will improve ourselves by trying many ways.

Sri lanka

How Did I Learn?

I have studied English in schools from primary school to high school for 12 years, no different from the majority. Let’s face it, if you don’t have a teacher luck in public schools and your family can’t give you a surplus in this direction, we all spend years learning the same patterns, so it has been for me. Of course, since I thought I was talented to learn myself since I was interested in foreign languages ​​for years, I did not have a hard time learning the basic parts. I did not see almost any English at the university, I developed a basic course to improve myself, but I was in the “I understand but not fully speaking” section when I lazily spent the days of the course. When I graduated and started working at the airport, I always had a job with foreign tourists, and then I started using the words I learned and the patterns I learned.

I think mine was a late speech process compared to the time we were in, but I am happy to start somewhere later and gain this self-confidence. Moreover, it works for me, if I did not speak English while traveling so much, it would be a deficiency in terms of understanding the places I visited. If I want to put it into words when the hand gestures are not enough when I ask for something, I think I would feel very helpless. It is worth learning English just for this freedom.

I can not say that I know a very good level of English at the moment, but I gathered the words to chat comfortably in an environment of half an hour, maybe 1 hour, and I try it; it develops as you try. Therefore, I list the methods of learning and developing English, which I have seen, thanks to the use of the internet, until now.

Sri lanka


There is a fact that we all accept that we need a special institution or person for many things that we need to learn at school but are inadequate. English course I think it is one of the most worth spending money. I can even generalize this as a foreign language course. The system of the courses is improving day by day. They don’t teach you language just by saying that you come to a room at a certain time; They do interactive lessons, you can continue to learn as multimedia by making your own study plan from anywhere, and you see that it is worth trying to see how far you have made by using measurement and evaluation methods that do not stress you.

Though my place when I write these Wall street english because I am familiar with their education system and their methods blended on both listening, speaking and writing, and their ability to guarantee success, not so-called, shows that they do this job differently and with high quality. Of course, when we say guarantee of success, it should not be overlooked; If you do not do the necessary work, nobody can put a foreign language in your brain like a chip, but I wish it does not exist 🙂 Therefore, if you try to get a professional education, you will walk faster and more accurately than you will learn by yourself.

If you don’t know English at all or if you need to get it all over, I recommend you to plan a proper English learning process with a professional education. You should pay attention to the flexible programs, personal attention, the English-only environment, the guarantee of results and international standards.

Especially since you enter the door of the course, everyone’s speaking English is a big plus. You can learn simple sentences and patterns in daily life by hearing them. The best part about me speaking English was to try to grab something by listening to those around me, which Wall Street English is one of the places that provides it directly to you. Of course there are many courses, but it is very important to find the one that will make a difference and is worth it. The fact that she teaches on English, not other languages, makes this place a few clicks ahead of the others.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


If you want to improve your existing foreign language or even English, really, really, everything is at your fingertips. As soon as you type the name of any language you want to improve in English or into the search boxes in the mobile app stores, you get tens of maybe hundreds of paid or free apps. When you find the one that suits you, they definitely benefit greatly in order to remember and improve what you know. Of course, here again we come to the situation I mentioned above, individual effort and work. Unfortunately, if we do not spare 10 minutes every day, we cannot wait for them to settle in our brains to learn something.

In a TV series from Gülse Birsel, the female character fell asleep in front of the TV every night while a Spanish channel was open, and after a while she realized she could speak Spanish! I remember that it is a very fun part, but I do not think that the sleep learning method will be so easy and fast yüzden So let’s take a moment to learn while we are awake.

European Voluntary Service, Romania (2012)


Perhaps this method that you can try before all will show you how good you are about English. If you do not speak English, this title is not for you, but there are many face to face speaking methods for those who say I know a little;

Free Overseas Experiences:One of the dozens of programs offered by the National AgencyEuropean Voluntary Service (EVS) It offers opportunities and projects for young people between the ages of 18-30 to go to Europe for up to 1 year, regardless of their graduation or foreign language status, to volunteer and live there. I also participated in a project in Romania for 10 days with this program and tried to improve myself in order to speak and share English by meeting with young people from 4-5 different countries. Same time Erasmus + projects that can be explored. Details of the national agency and this program there’s You can look at.

Speaking Groups:Municipalities’ free courses, groups that meet for a few hours on certain days or days of the week you can find in the city where you live on Facebook, or only speaking classes of institutions offering paid courses. These are all places that will allow you to evaluate and improve yourself by speaking in a way. I’m sure you can find the one that suits you by doing some research.

Couchsurfing:If you are afraid to try to talk to a single person, I will tell you a method you can try using Couchsurfing. No matter which city you are in, visit this site to see if an English speaking tourist will come to your city soon. When you find the person who will come to your location at a time when you are available, offer him to show your city around and you will have a free opportunity to talk and while you are making friends and to improve your English. I think you can have a pleasant day if you can write over Couchsurfing using the translation program of sites like Google and explain your situation and request.

Touristic places :If none of this has happened, then you can offer to take them to your city for free, where foreign tourists come. Maybe such things can be done through tourism offices, I don’t know, but I have to ask.

Actually language is like most things would you like it? matter! If it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t easy, we wouldn’t be in the classroom as a result of so much research, but why shouldn’t we try to find out if there really should be a tool for what we want to do? We have more power and time to kill everything when we leave my site to excuses, complaints and fate, as long as we use it.

2020 Public Holidays & Holidays and Suggestions | esrageziy is

I am here with my favorite article to write when it is October, even when it is almost over! If you say why October, there is actually no special reason. I had just written the same post in 2018 and 2019, even earlier in September, and it was very helpful when planning my travels for the next year. In fact, we did not leave any public holiday or holiday empty.

As everyone knows at times such as holidays and public holidays, tickets are very expensive. Of course, there is a subtle point. Almost all of the airlines open their tickets 6 months in advance or even make announcements. For example, you have seen that summer tickets are announced during the winter months. While there is usually this much time, first make announcements and then campaigns. The striking point is here because they usually (mostly) don’t set a date limit for the first campaign time. So this is exactly the purpose of my writing this article early! You know these dates in advance and you can buy your ticket immediately when there is such a campaign! Because some airlines have date restrictions in the next campaigns – these date restrictions always have date ranges that include official holidays and holidays – it is almost impossible to buy tickets when time approaches.

* 27 September 2018/1 Dollar = 6.07 TL, 1 Euro = 7.14 TL! (When I wrote last year, the exchange rate was like this)

** Today, 17 October 2019/1 Dollar = 5.89 TL, 1 Euro = 6.55 TL

I’m aware of the exchange rates, unfortunately. But I still have not given up my dream of finding great tickets. As I find nice tickets, the campaigns are always on Instagram esrageziy is I share it from my account. If you do not meet the tickets I found, do not forget to open this article and look at the tickets.

We hope you can have one of these dates in your eyes and escape somewhere at least in some ♡


Even if all the holidays on Wednesday are somewhat in between, if you can connect the previous or next days, you have 5 full days. We have never been able to do this from work, but 5 days is a good time for those who can! Unfortunately, I would like to say that it is not possible to find a ticket for those who do not have a plan when the new year is approaching. However, if you have a mind to go somewhere to live the New Year spirit, I have 3 suggestions for you;

Zurich – A little cold, a little expensive, but still, this city where you can feel the level of welfare all around is very nice. For New Year’s Eve, you can choose Rheinfall for glorious fireworks.

Lviv – No visa or passport required. You can still have a good time with the Turkish Lira, the Ukrainian currency, the hryvnia and the night entertainment in the city square, and the tiny Christmas market in the square.

Colmar – The real and I think the best part of Colmar is the Christmas markets. If we do not count that they gather and go everywhere on January 1, you can participate in a fabulous New Year welcome with the markets established in the squares and nearby villages until December 30. (I must warn only about prices because it is so popular!)

January 20 – January 31 (Half Year Holiday in Schools)

6 APRIL – 10 APRIL (Second Term Intermediate Holiday in Schools)

MONDAY (April 24 – May 23): Ramadan is the time when most airlines sell special tickets between these dates. For some, it is good to know the fasting time and not to plan a trip to these times by accident, while for others it is a ticket opportunity. Therefore, I did not want to pass the date of Ramadan in 2020 without writing the dates.


4 days of spring for those who can combine with a Friday when spring comes! If we look at the date I wrote the article, there are 6 months yet, it is not an exaggeration to look for a ticket to 23 April and already somewhere. Especially when Ukrainian Airlines has a price policy such as buy and buy tickets 6 months and 10 months in advance, I will not be able to pass without suggesting places in Ukraine.

Kiev – The capital of Ukraine may be a good option when ready spring is coming, maybe a bit of freezing cold. You can comfortably take the Chernobyl trip, which will not be enough for a few days, when you have 4 days. Of course if you are interested. (It is also important to know that there is still radiation)

Kos island – If you are like those who like to open the sea season in April like us, here is an island proposal very close to Bodrum. For those who say that the water will be cold and I will not swim, Empros Thermi grows in the dark. You can stay in the water as much as you want with the spring water in ice-cold sea water and the sun that does not burn much.

1 MAY 2020 – FRIDAY

Finally, a public holiday that doesn’t compel us to bind anything! A short break will be good with ready spring. There are many places to go to the drug for intention.

Thasos: The popularity of Greece is never ending, it is possible to reach Istanbul by car in 5 hours! Let me wake up from the beginning, summer means high season, high season means herker everywhere! Nevertheless, you can pay 47 euros to get your car up to 15 days of green insurance and cross the border, and you can start off by paying a fee of 25 € to get to the island. If you really still reading, do not forget to fill petrol in Turkey. It is still worth seeing the color of Marble Beach.

Other suggestions are everyone will be the first to think of it, but be it; When you say Cunda Island, Bozcaada, Selimiye, Datça, Antalya… you can either take a flight ticket or jump on the bus; I’m sure there are places near you. It is crowded but lying down is in your hands.

19 MAY 2020 – TUESDAY

It’s the first day of the week that is on leave to avoid Monday syndrome. Would be why not?

Paris – Wouldn’t Paris be beautiful when spring came? Although it is always a popular city, it may be a little quieter city in May and you can enjoy the beautiful Parisian cafes on a sunny day where it is possible to sit outside. It is a really big city to walk, but it is a pleasant city to visit on foot. I would definitely recommend it at any time that suits you. And one of the best places to see the Eiffel Tower is Trocadero Square.

Copenhagen – You looked at our country, the weather was not fully heated, go to the North before getting used to the ready heat! Although there are parts that make you feel like you are returning to the ice age when the wind blows, it can be very nice to sit in Nyhavn and have a drink or even have a picnic. At this point, I would like to mention the overwhelming superiority of the Danish Krone against the Turkish Lira, but I could not pass without suggesting this city of Northern Europe, which I would love to see, despite everything.

24/26 MAY 2020 – RAMADAN HOLIDAY – From Sunday to Wednesday

In 2020, festive holidays, like the previous years, save us from thinking “will they connect the whole week?” Because it does not connect directly. Still, it offers 4 full days Ramadan feast.

Barcelona –Just before spring comes, Spain becomes exquisite. Barcelona is a city full of excursions for days. Whether you plan days from one of Gaudi’s works to another, or from the beach to tapas; I’m sure it will be fine.

Stockholm – I think Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the North, where I traveled for 5 days on a March day and could not finish sightseeing. The weather gets warmer towards the end of May and it would be nice to have a pleasant northern visit when Grona Lund says it opens. As a bonus, it is a city with nice options for a bot hotel experience.


Now I know that you do not like a holiday in the middle of the week so much, but this is the case. July 15 can be ideal for city trips, just for summer.

31 JULY – 3 AUGUST 2020 – Victim Holiday – From Friday to Tuesday

Since it is not different from Ramadan, it is not possible to go to distant, Asia, America, Africa, but we can continue to go to islands or cities.

North Cyprus – How about going to the motherland for 5 days? Let me clarify from the beginning, they speak Turkish in their sweet dialects and they definitely use Turkish Lira. Besides the 5-star hotel concept, there are many beautiful places to visit and see. It is ideal for those who say that I am horizontal and travel and only your identity card is enough to go to Northern Cyprus. If you are a Turkish citizen and you have a Schengen visa, if you think that I will get my passport, I will go to the Greek side, move away from that thought, because if there is no possibility, you can learn by reading the article.

Amsterdam – In 5 days, I think only a city proposal will be enough! And of course villages next to him. For example, even if you go to Giethoorn, which is a little far from Amsterdam and spend 1 day to visit the places on the road, you still have 4 days for other nearby villages and Amsterdam city center. If you devote it to nearby villages for 1 day, you can spend 3 days full of museums and beer in Amsterdam. Whichever you prefer now.

Chios – How about a nearby Greek island? I think the best part of the islands is always the ferry tickets with fixed prices. If you have a visa, it is sufficient to buy the ferry ticket. Or, to go to one of the islands that apply door visas, it is possible to get a door visa and pass with less effort. Of course, even though such times cause waiting for a few hours of passport order at both customs gates, the other hours you spend will delight you.

Prague What about Prague? Although it is not clear when it will be cold, it may be the right choice since it is July-August when it can be the most merciful. Prague is one of my favorite cities in Europe. When I went in Easter time, it was very cool in the light rainy evenings for a few days. Even though the end of July is not likely to be cool in the evening, it may be good to take a thin shawl with you. You can not walk around the city during the day and perhaps think of every street like me, “How did these houses have survived centuries and remained the same?” In the meantime, it will be very nice to add Budapest or Vienna as it will be 5 days in Prague. My choice is for Budapest!



Summer is over, working days are concentrated, the only day that can make us happy as the end of the year approaches October 29. Of course, we have to do it for 4 days with our effort, since it does not automatically connect to the weekend. This holiday offers a nice time frame for those who can see the fall leaves that turn yellow even if the weather gets cold with the effect of autumn or those who say I am the last surface.

Tbilisi: Neither visa nor passport. For those who say how, having a chip ID is enough to go to Georgia. Actually, it is one of the cities where you can have a good time. Tbilisi is a city that is worth visiting with its high quality places opened in recent years, its historical area that has become more tourist-friendly and its local dishes. For those who have 4 days, going to Kazbegi for a day is definitely one of the closest places you can think of.

Milan: So, in this article, I have no suggestions from Italy? Of course it would not be. Another one of my 2-way recommendations for 4 days is Milan + Lake como trail. Milan is a very comfortable city, you can easily visit in 2 days. Como is also a very peaceful lake and settlement. A nice coffee, a little rest may be the preparation for the winter, as the lake peace.

I also made the dates in this article a calendar. the Look You can download.

Let 2020 travel planning begin now!

English Education Abroad and Simple Suggestions for English

Traveling helps us open the doors of a completely different world and gain incredible experiences. Of course, besides the courage and materialism to realize these, knowing a foreign language makes everything much easier.

Think about how you feel yourself comfortable while traveling in Turkey. If you cannot find a way, you can ask someone, if there is an emergency, you can reach the hospital or the police very easily and share the situation, because you can speak a language that almost a hundred percent of the people in your country of birth know. I think the freedom to express and express things is very valuable; you understand this much better when you go abroad when that word you need to remember.

That’s why I want to give you an idea of ​​what you can do to learn and improve English;


Our priority item is the education option that is indispensable for those who do not speak English or want to learn and improve in a quality way. In a country whose native language is English English education Buying is one of the best and most guaranteed methods! If you want a lot and you also show effort, there is no reason not to return to the country by adding a new language to yourself. Particularly the countries where Turks go to learn English the most America, Britain and Canada‘T have.

For those who want to participate in a training program in this way, I think the best method is to get a professional service. Because this is not like planning your own trip. Proceeding through the institutions that have been experienced before, which are developed day by day and provide convenience for finding the right way; It is very important in order not to be deceived and to make the right investment.

Kaplan International Languages one of the best and well-established institutions in this field, if you have such an opinion, I recommend you to review the site. Since they have been doing this for 80 years and have language schools in 10 countries around the world, it is one of the first language education schools to look for in such an educational institution. It is much easier to find what you want, as it provides language programs ranging from 1 week to 52 weeks, varying according to the person’s knowledge and financial situation – suitable for everyone’s level.

I think the plus of education abroad is to be integrated with language. In other words, you can directly realize what you have learned in school, when you go out to the cafe, market or pharmacy. As the order is like this, it becomes much easier to consolidate and the permanence of what you learn increases.

There are usually family and dormitory options to stay in such programs. When you choose to stay with a family, in a much more everyday language and life; Whether it is abbreviations or daily spoken language, it is much easier to master. Although it is not a bad idea to be together with people like yourself by sharing common areas with people from different countries in dormitory accommodation.

Because if you go abroad even to learn a language, you will definitely come back with completely different experiences. Or you will not return. Whatever happens at the end of the training, you will have spent days that will positively affect you in many points from your point of view, thoughts, because you live life much more from within your country. That is why I would go abroad to learn English in a country whose native language is English.

Apart from education, I also have simple ideas on how to improve yourself on certain topics;


Listening to English and understanding what you listen to is as important as speaking. I have 3 suggestions on listening that you can improve yourself;

1. Podcasts: Listening to podcasts on topics that may be of interest to you helps you to understand while listening and to learn more about your favorite topics.

2. Arrays: You can start watching the TV series you love and maybe watched with Turkish subtitles with English subtitles this time. It seems especially logical to start with short episodes.

3. Music: I think the easiest way to listen should be listening to songs in English. It can be a method that you can try learning event with both short term and rhythm feeling.


There are multiple ways to speak, but I think this is the most important! It is certain that as you use what you learn and talk, everything will be much better. Well, what kind of suggestions do I have for this?

1. Customer Service: When you call customer service domestically, dial 9 this time for English and be informed in this way. If you do not have a problem at that time, you can think and call to ask more questions. Talking with someone on the phone may not be bad.

2. Recording Your Speech: Speak to yourself aloud about any topic and record it. It is different to make sentences in your mind, to put it in a voice, and to listen to what you say and how. If you want, you can get your suggestions by listening to someone with good English skills.

3. Attending Events:Attending weekly speaking clubs at your school or in your city is a great opportunity to improve your speaking skills. You can find such meetings on social media by researching events. They are mostly free.


If you want to learn a language, you should see it in many places around you whenever possible. So you can contribute to yourself with some simple changes and classic methods.

1. Language of Technological Devices: Mobile phone, computer or tablet… whichever language you use, make a simple step using it.

2. Read Books, Magazines, Newspapers: There are so many resources that you can access online and for free, so evaluate them. I am sure that if you read English even 5 minutes every day, you will see the effect in a short time.

3. Mobile Applications: One of the best things you can use online is definitely mobile apps. There are so many good and useful things that the internet era brought to us that, with short research, many useful applications can be found even for a foreign language.


Nothing is better than combining everything you learn with passion. Try it, learn and go. Believe me, you can travel without knowing English but knowing a foreign language, especially English, to make sense of all the interesting things you will see and to communicate with the people living in the places you set foot in, will make each trip much different. Daily conversations, in which language speakers are sometimes unaware, are actually one of the most important details that make travel moments beautiful. Of course, it is not possible to know every language, but at least to learn English which is accepted globally and to improve every passing day is just one of the biggest achievements that one can give to him even for getting to know the world better.

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