10 things to consider when traveling alone

Traveling alone is a turning point for the world of people who love to travel. If you have never traveled alone before and want to do this, you can set off with the courage in you after a little preparation. In fact, if you start traveling the world alone, the belief that you can do anything is increasing.

I wanted to gather some mistakes made by solo travelers and give ideas and suggestions that you should not do them.

1. Wrong Accommodation Selection

Although you try to travel by sticking to a certain budget, it is important that your accommodation is reliable and comfortable. Make sure that all the hotels you check in have a 24-hour security reception and seek assistance in any case. At the same time, having a safe in your room can provide you with a sense of added security on behalf of your belongings. If you are going to stay in a hostel, be sure to choose a place with such features. Do not forget to put your belongings and your own security first when you say I will have affordable accommodation.

2. Taking too Heavy Luggage

One of the things I told myself the most about travel in recent years is the motto “little goods, happy travel”! You should also know that you cannot get help from anyone with your luggage, especially when traveling alone. Put aside the clothes you need, and then choose the ones you really need. If you care, it may make sense to choose straight pieces that can easily fit together. You can also take things on the road, change them, and wash them. Hotel sinks are there for this.

3. Not Making the Right Budget Planning

Every trip, short or long, alone or not, needs an average budget planning, and the more accurate you do this, the more comfortable you will be. Traveling alone does not have to be expensive, but your little research can make a big difference. If you make a rough estimate of how much money you spend on the average of accommodation prices, menu prices in places where you want to eat and other special requests before you travel, you will not be in a difficult situation while on the road.

4. Forgetting to Ask for Help

Having enough courage and confidence to travel alone does not mean that you cannot seek help when necessary. On the contrary, you will get a quick solution to your problem and maybe you will have the opportunity to chat with a person from where you go. There is no need to be proud of this, even if it is the simplest question or problem; you can ask for help from official authorities, tradesmen or people in your accommodation, never forget this.

5. Not Taking Security Precautions

It is obvious that you need to pay more attention to personal security measures, especially when alone. Follow the warnings, never give private information to strangers, keep you safe at the hotel, and stay away from the neighborhoods that are not recommended. Yes, you can socialize while alone, but it is important to pay attention to the information you share with people. One caveat is that if you go to a party for fun, be careful not to drink more than 2 glasses and be in a position to observe what’s going on around you.

6. Being Unprepared For Emergency Situations

There may be accidents and unpredictable events. This flight can be as small as missed or as big as a broken bone, and more! Before you go on a vacation alone, think about these situations. Of course, I do not say that “if something happens to me on the road” and do not give up getting stuck on this idea and stop, but it is absolutely important to think about them in advance.

Share your complete travel plan with a few people you trust, let us know where you are while you are communicating, and most importantly, get a travel health insurance. And also make sure you have cash for emergencies.

7. Too Much Plan

In the first days of the journey, you can plan many things in a row with excitement and enthusiasm, but as your journey time extends, you should make sure that you leave flexible time to relax, listen to yourself and enjoy some unplannedness. 7 of the 7 days are planned and some plans are interrupted; it should not lower your motivation after it does not happen from the weather or is canceled for any other reason. So it will make you more happy to leave flexible times between them and know that you have hours where you can shift time to do it when something you really want to do is canceled.

The same is true for the end of the trip. Trying to fit everything in the last days just because the trip is over can be tiring and prevent you from enjoying as much as you think. So keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything on a single trip, you have to leave yourself free time with what you want most.

8. Too Much Expectation

As I mentioned above, expectations are not always good expectations. It may not go as you think, and this may disappoint you. I recommend that you have a conversation with yourself against such situations. Maybe a place or activity that is very attractive from afar, when you go and see it, it will not be so impressive and you will stop doing it. All of this can happen just be aware of this situation, do not worry and continue to enjoy your trip. Happiness is a mood, we don’t always have to be happy.

9. Focus on Making New Friends

The journeys you go alone are of course great opportunities to make friends and meet travelers like you, but you don’t have to spend your days focusing on this completely. It is important to take advantage of this opportunity as you will have the opportunity to get to know yourself better and in different ways by being alone in your travel alone. Read a book in the park, have lunch alone in a cafe or go to the museum alone. Come on let’s sit down, let’s get up without someone who says, how do you see these trips to yourself?

10. Don’t be Stuck With The Concept Of Being Alone

It is nice to set out alone, but if you are hesitating, you can also find private tour groups. As a result, you will not be familiar with you and you will not know anyone, but maybe you will get good support for the trust you cannot overcome. There are companies that organize tours for many purposes; solo travelers, cyclists, young professionals, yoga camps… you can try to go on a trip by finding the one that suits you.

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