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One of the first places that come to mind when İzmir is mentioned is not Bergama, but it is a place worth seeing both with its beautiful air and the calm created by the fact that it does not come to mind! Bergama Ancient City is one of the most exquisite ancient cities in the country, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Oh that theater!

If I have a question about why it is worth seeing Bergama, why should we go to Bergama, I would definitely say that if you want to have a nice cultural tour for a few days and satisfy both your eyes and your stomach, then I will talk about all of them.

My Travel Route:I traveled alone and with a private vehicle on this trip. I arrived in Bergama in about 3 hours without counting the breaks. I stayed in Bergama for 1 night and then stayed in Çandarlı for 2 nights to visit Dikili and its bays. I planned both culture and sea trips for 3 days and I loved this trip. Bergama is definitely a district that can be combined with a sea holiday, keep in mind.

Kale Neighborhood, Bergama


From Bergama to İzmir, it is possible to reach approximately 110 km, that is, 1.5 hours in average. If you are going to go by public transport from Izmir, it is possible to reach the minibuses every half hour from Izmir bus station, by Metro bus management or Bergamalılar Cooperative vehicles. Of course, it is useful to call and check for the pandemic period.

If you are going to depart from Istanbul or Bursa with a private vehicle; If you are going to take a break in Susurluk, you can try Düzdağ Toast. As a road flavor, it has a not bad toast. Mixed toast 10tl, 8tl with cheese, 8tl with sausage, 4tl with ayran. The location on the map is correct, you can look from there.

Bergama Center


I chose one of the hotels on Airbnb for accommodation to stay for 1 night and was generally satisfied. If you have a plan to find the hotel or your accommodation from Airbnb and book a place, with an email address that has not been registered with Airbnb before from this link If you register, you get a discount of 130TL for your first stay of 250TL and above.

If you are going to stay in Bergama, if you have time, I suggest you or you can come and travel early in the morning, stay close to the center and walk on foot. For sightseeing, there are not many places that will require you to drive by car, only a few. Since the hotel I stayed in is a good and popular neighborhood called Kale Mahallesi, I parked the car and traveled around the city easily.

You can also find old Greek houses that have been renovated and converted into hotels in this neighborhood. If you have such a request, you can look at these kinds of hotels. My accommodation was previously an old flour factory. It had 8 rooms and breakfast included, I paid 280TL per night. Since I only stayed 1 night, I did not encounter any negative situation, there was hot water, the air conditioner was working properly, and there was no one in the hotel.


Due to the pandemic, I did not eat anything except breakfast at the hotel, but that does not mean that there will be no wide-time recommendations on this blog, of course. While in Bergama, so many people wrote that you are in my hometown through Instagram, which I learned from them and I wrote the places that I had in mind.

As in most distinguished districts meatball here is the famous Bergama Meatball. Çiçeksever Köfte is recommended for cooking, and besides it is Piyaz.

The real famous of Bergama Çığırt Upsi. If you say what is a scream, eggplant dish, eggplant fries with sauce. If everyone writes that my mother makes it beautiful, if you are not going to be a guest of anyone’s house, you can try this flavor at Bergama Sofrası or Çığırmama Evi.

Breakfast We always come across Yenigün Breakfast Hall, as if it has a simple and simple breakfast. Uncle Eşref, who is almost 100 years old, still helps things there. Honey, cream, cheese, hot milk … a breakfast. I did not have breakfast, but while I was in Bergama, I did not forget to buy Bergama tulum cheese. A mold of cheese was 30TL, but I do not remember exactly its weight. He was a beautiful, salty jumpsuit.

Uncle Eşref, Yenigün Breakfast Hall

Bergama people recommend Arasta even if you want to cool off while drinking and drinking something in the open area. It becomes lemonade, blackberry juice; You can come here for tea, coffee according to the season. There was also the Acacia Park next to the hotel where I was staying, among the beautiful trees, cool, cool, maybe there may be a point to rest, but there is nothing special to eat and drink, just if your path falls.

Casa regina : Here I ate here and I recommend it to you. Approximately 30 minutes by car to Bergama, in Aşağıkırikler village; This is the restaurant of a couple who loves to know the world and also Italian cuisine. There is a pizza in the summer, a menu with meat in the winter, and pasta and accompanying plates. Everything is fresh and daily. You can book one of the days of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as they cannot accept guests without reservations, they are only open on those days. Their location, the garden of the restaurant is so beautiful that you feel as if you are teleported to more than one other land, I highly recommend it. Say hi to me and you will go, I want to drop my way with Fırat again at the first opportunity.

Casa regina

Casa regina


1. Ancient City of Pergamon

Bergama Ancient City is one of the important points for the world. He was a very rich and great kingdom at the time, and then joined the Roman Empire. The ancient city is located on a large area where you can have a bird’s eye view of the current Bergama settlement. Although Bergama is not very popular at the moment, it actually has a place in many firsts.

Parchment was first found in Bergama. Parchment, that is, paper from leather, is known as Bergama paper, meaning its name in Latin (Charta Pergamena). The reason for the existence of the scroll is; According to the belief, the King of Egypt prohibits the export of papyrus to Anatolia so that the Pergamon Library does not exceed the Alexandria Library. As such, the King of Pergamum commands to find a new paper, and they process the skins of the kids and make them writable and present them to the king. So parchment was found.

Bergama Ancient City – Steepest Theater

The first Asian libraryWas established in Bergama. After Alexandria in Egypt, a library with 200 thousand volumes of archives was opened and became the second largest library in the world.

Pergamon Ancient Theater, built in the Hellenistic period, the steepest theater in the world is known to be. When you go, you can still see that impressive steeped theater and sit on its stones. If you have an intention to go down, pay attention to having a shoe that provides ease of movement and your knees. By the way, I would go to this ancient city, just to see this theater!

Of course, the sad thing about this city (perhaps not for the sake of still seeing) sold the altar of Athena and Zeus in the ancient city to the Germans who made excavations here during the Ottoman era, while experiencing economic difficulties. In Germany, almost another city is on display at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. This museum is one of the museums in Berlin that received the most visitors all year round. If you are going and have interest, you may have a mind to visit.

Transportation to the Ancient City of Bergama:You can get there by car or cable car. There is a steep slope in only one part of the vehicle, and the road is a size that two cars can pass side by side, but I can not say that it was very difficult, I got out by car. In the season, there is a parking lot next to the ancient city and it was written that the price per vehicle was 8 TL. If you want to go by cable car, this trip, which takes about 5 minutes, costs 35TL.

Entrance fee to Bergama Ancient City: If you have Müzekart, it’s free, if not, login 50TL per person. Considering that the price of Müzekart is 60 TL per year and passed in dozens of museums, I think it would be more appropriate to buy a Müzekart if there is not.

Pergamon Ancient City

Pergamon Ancient City

2. Kale District

If you want to see the houses of the Greeks in the streets of Bergama, you can visit this neighborhood. Life still continues in some of the stone houses here, some of them are resentful of neglect, some of them have been renovated and turned into beautiful hotels. While I was walking on the streets in the early hours, I always went to the old uncles, who started the day like that, by greeting with aunts, but it was still very calm. I didn’t even come across anyone on most streets. Since this neighborhood is a little high, you can take a look at the view of Bergama in some places.

Kale Neighborhood

3. Red Courtyard

The Red Courtyard, whose entrance is free with Müzekart, is normally 10 TL, was one of the early 7 churches in Anatolia. This is a temple made entirely of bricks that has survived in the region where Bergama Ancient City was founded. Part of the building, which was built in the 2nd century AD during the reign of Emperor Hadrian and was probably dedicated to the Egyptian underground god Serapis, but was later converted into a mosque together with the Ottoman Empire. Since the day it was built, it has been a place for believers from all walks, both as a temple, a church and a mosque.

Red Courtyard

4. Public Library

While visiting the streets of Bergama, you will see a beautiful building in a central location, with the Bergama Public Library with 14,000 books. It is not surprising to see such a modest building in a city with such a history, but don’t forget to see it passing by.

5. Asclepion

Apart from the acropolis of Pergamon, there is a treatment center established in the name of the god of health, Asclepius, which continues to host the firsts in Bergama. In Asklepion, it can be considered as a spa with a library, theater, sleeping rooms, mud baths and a recreation center.

The snake, the symbol of medicine and pharmacy, was first used here. According to the belief, a patient who comes here sees that at the entrance two snakes drink milk and pour their poisons with milk into this cavity. This patient is not taken to Asklepion with the thought that he will not heal, and the patient wants to end his life by drinking in this cavity, but it does not and heals. Thus, it is decided that the symbol of Asklepion will be a double snake.

Apart from that, Asclepion is in the world; It has also made history as the first to use drug for therapeutic purposes, the first psychotherapy and the first public health policy maker.

Asclepion entrance fee : It is free with Müzekart and the other entrance fee is 45 TL.

Bergama Public Library

6. Bergama Museum

You can see many finds, sculptures, mosaics, rugs and handcrafts found in archaeological excavations carried out in the ancient city of Bergama in this museum. You can also see photos of the works exhibited at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin here.

Entrance fee to the museum is 10 TL, free with Müzekart. Closed on Mondays.

Apart from these, while visiting the center, you can see Pergamon Parchment, the shop that promotes and keeps the parchment in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, you can have a rest by visiting Arasta, and you can reach the Kozak Plateau if you want to get some air away.


The overalls cheese of İzmir is famous, but Bergama overalls are famous, so you can buy cheese.

I mentioned Bergama carpets, but I don’t think there are things that can be bought so easily, it would be nice to look anyway.

When I was there, I met a woman who had a very good initiative, she took Bergama carpets, which the world showed so much attention, and turned it into a business for her. She makes really special bags with handmade antique carpets, adding natural or vegan leathers she uses. These can stand in cabinets or be gifted as a valuable piece, rather than everyday. If you want to browse the bags from here You can look at.

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