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I do not know if it is so, but I am still happy and surprised when I go to places like Datça in the country. I am surprised because when I think that everywhere has already been discovered and has been spoiled for some interest, I see that it is not so, it remains calmer. When I see it like this, I am also happy. I think that these bays remind us again and again that we have one of the most beautiful coasts in the world.

OUR MUĞLA ROUTE:Our first job was to fly to Dalaman and then we rented a car to Marmaris. We went to Akyaka because we had a plan with our friends after Marmaris, then we went to Datça, where we went to Dalyan, and went to Göcek at the end of the roads, and returned from Dalaman Airport as we arrived again. If you want to visit more than one place, it is much more logical for Datça and Akyaka to change places in this list.

If you want an alternative route, I think it can be visited in the following order; Datça – Marmaris – Akyaka – Dalyan – Dalaman – Göcek – Fethiye

Datça Travel Notes


– Datça is not a very active holiday destination until 2020. If you want to rest calmly and swim beautifully, this is one of the right addresses for you.

– If you are traveling in the summer, you should not miss the fly medicine with you. If you have a special allergy to bees, you can see many bees there, keep in mind.

– Don’t forget to take your snorkel and goggles! It is very enjoyable to snorkel in the coves.

– Have things like hats, sunscreen, water shoes with you already.

– If you spare at least 2 days, you can enjoy both traveling and twisting.

– One of the most important things you need to be prepared for is curling. Even though some roads are narrow, it is not difficult to proceed with attention, but be careful.

– If you drive by car, it will be comfortable to go with a full tank of gasoline, not too much gasoline, but of course not. I make this suggestion to be comfortable while traveling during the day.

– Across Datça, you may want to manually set the international roaming of your phone. In this way, automatically switching to the Greek line and invoices do not upset you.

– If you are going to Datça in February, do not forget to check the dates of the Almond Flower Festival. It usually takes place within the first 2 weeks of February.

– Your passport and a valid Your Schengen visa If you have one, you can even go by ferry to the Greek island of Simi, just across Datça (8km to Datça).

– Since Datça is still a more boutique holiday place, the prices are higher than normal, especially during the summer and feast times.

Old Datça


Datça is a district within the provincial borders of Muğla. If you will not go here with your car, which is my suggestion, you are advised to be by car or rent, you can get transportation from 2 different airports.

The first one is Milas-Bodrum Airport. After getting off the airport, you can come to the center of Bodrum by a 90-minute journey by ferry. Or you can reach Bodrum bus station, on average 230 kilometers by land, by bus to Datça. One way price of Bodrum – Datça ferry per person is 70TLThe round trip price is 125TL. It is possible to reach the ferry with this ferry, with an average of 200 TL per vehicle and 35 TL per passenger. (2020, May prices)

Second if you have an airport option Dalaman Airport. By coming here, you can either rent a car or go to Marmaris directly from the airport by public transport and then to Datça. You can reach Dalaman – Datça after 160 kilometers, that is, after an average of 3 hours. It takes 25tl to get to Marmaris from Dalaman Airport by bus, and there is a city bus between Marmaris and Datça, 20tl.

We flew to Dalaman Airport because we made a 2-week Muğla trip and then Likya Rent a Car KasDuring this time, we traveled by renting a car. If you want to ask them about the car rental details, you can reach at 0551 027 44 45, and don’t forget to say that you have reached with the advice of esrageziyor. Daily rental price for 2019 150TL-200TL It was possible to bargain according to the number of days. If you have a car rental idea, you can ask them all.

Public transport : You can also use public transportation in Datça, there are minibuses running on many routes. Most minibuses appear to be around 18.00 but summer / winter hours can change. So wherever you will go to the Muğla municipality website, Distance, you can see the transit times for the routes you want to go.

Datça Soda


Datça is a place where you can find calm and small more boutique accommodation. Average accommodation prices per night for 2 people ranged from 300tl to 500tl for 2019. Of course there are fewer or more, but it is possible to find places that can offer an average clean room and a nice breakfast at this price. If you ask me if you want to swim here, the pool is not a very necessary option, especially if it is not one of your criteria. I think it’s best to be clean and close to the sea.

We are almost 1 kilometer by car from Old Datça Villa coralWe stayed in. The room we stayed in was very small, not very new, but clean. The area where the villa is located had a very nice, quiet, lush garden and a beautiful pool. There was no time to go to the pool from going to the bays in the early hours, but it had the feeling that you had a pool in your own backyard and you were having fun with the children for 2 days during our stay. Although we went in August, it was calm, and it was a decent environment when we were lucky with the guests. My favorite thing about this place was definitely the various jams made by the owner of the hotel, Çiğdem Hanım. Among the places I can recommend to you, at least you can browse.

We were here with Airbnb, the Airbnb link of the hotel here,if you are going to use Airbnb for the first time or by clicking on this link If you create a membership with an email address that you are not a member of before, a 253 TL discount credit will be defined for your first trip. To get the loan, just click on the link to become a member and then you can use this discount loan on your first trip.

If you want to stay right on the sea, in one of the bends, I can recommend you to look at Ovabükü Ada Pension Datca. I have eaten at the restaurants and used the beach side, but I think the accommodation areas can be evaluated as the owners are kind and concerned. Spending 100 lira for 2020, sunbeds / showers on the beach are free for 2 people.

– After pandemic, it is thought that accommodation prices will increase all over the country, so it seems inevitable to increase the average prices I wrote.

Ovabükü / Ada Pension & Restaurant


Considering that Datça is a more boutique small resort, you estimate that the prices will be above average. There are many options but there are no prices in the consistency of artisan restaurants. Nevertheless, beautiful olive oil, fish, ice cream and especially Datça soda are among those you can enjoy here. I don’t even know why we can’t find Datça soda around here (Bursa).

We did not go to breakfast anywhere because we had breakfast, a nice breakfast, but apart from that, we ate something in Old Datça, bends, Kumluk and bought soda from every market we found. Datya Datça Gazozu is in the streets, in the markets, in the grocery stores, you guess that the most convenient is in places like market-grocery store. It varies between 2 and 5 liras depending on where you get it. There is also Goca Mongola Soda and Datya Datça Soda, I liked the macaroon taste more in Datça.

We had dinner at Dutdibi Fish Mekan in Datça Kumluk, I can say that the budget you need to allocate for an average of 300-350 liras for 2 people. In Ovabükü, Ada Pansiyon We have tasted sunbed and beautiful appetizers in Datça. For this place, it is necessary to allocate an average of 100-150 lira for 2 people. We were guests of Eski Meydan Café in Old Datça and tasted delicious ravioli (25tl) and stuffed (20tl). We also tried one hundred percent goat milk ice cream in Tekin Usta, I can not remember the price, unfortunately, but I can say that it was normal for me for its taste.

We also went to Datça Vineyard for sunset, watching the view with tasting is popular at the same time, they also sell their wines inside, but whether it is from the environment or not, we could not sit. Already, many people were standing in an unknown way for what reason they were there, but they were not waiting in line. So we couldn’t find what we were looking for, but came back, but maybe it was like us, so I can’t comment, but definitely the environment was beautiful and very windy.

The average prices in Old Datça, which I have reviewed on the signboards in 2019, are as follows;

Spreading breakfast – 35tl

Turkish coffee – 6tl / 9tl

Ravioli – 25tl / 30tl

Homemade Lemonade – 8tl / 12tl

Desserts – 12tl / 18tl

The average prices of businesses in Bükler;

Sunbeds-shower usage is generally free when an average of 50 TL per person is spent.

Appetizers – 20 TL

Almond appetizers – 25tl

Chicken grill, meatballs etc. – 40tl

Soft Drinks – 10TL

Beer – 25tl

Small water / big water – 5tl / 10tl

Signage Prices in Old Datça (2019)


The main purpose to come to Datça is bend. If you say what is this twist, the meaning of “turning” should be one of the meanings suitable for the twists of Datça. On the Datça roads where you go to the bends; You will see the sea between the small and large bends, and these are the bays that have been called Bük.

Datça actually has 52 different bays along a peninsula and 235 kilometers of coastline. Let’s see where I have visited, where I have seen, to tell you.

Old Datça

With its stone houses and streets full of beautiful bougainvillea, this is the part of Datça dating back to ancient times: Old Datça. Even though they say boutique hotels, tiny cafes & restaurants, gift shops, they are kind of tiny Alaçatı, I think it was incomparably calm, at least until August 2019. Despite the high season, you can find almost all sides empty during the day in Old Datça. Since there are not many people around 10 o’clock, you can come here at this time to take pictures while you are quietly eating or drinking or enjoying the streets.

You leave the car immediately to the car park at the entrance or to a place you find on the side of the road, and you can easily walk on foot in the traffic-free area. Do not worry anyway, it is not a very large area, even if you go in and out, I think you will see most of your place in half an hour.

Old Datça – Orhan’s Place

Can Yücel’s House

Can Yücel’s house is open only one day a year and it is August 12. Since this day is called Can Yücel as Remembrance Day, they open their house to visit on August 12. Well, if you say Can Yücel and Datça have a connection, Can Yücel has spent some of his life in this house, thus contributing to the knowledge of Datça. On other days, you can go to examine the ones hanging at the door, by the way, even if you can’t get in, you see a little bit of the surroundings.

One of the popular places in Old Datça is that Can Yücel often goes Orhan’s Coffee. If you want to go and drink salvia, keep in mind.

Datça Knidos Ancient City

Knidos Ancient City

When you come to Datça, going to the very end and seeing this ancient city may also bring you the following; How beautiful the guys lived! At least I thought as soon as I saw it. Excavations were going on in August (2019) and it was almost up to date, there wasn’t much you can think of, but it would be worth seeing while one of the most important centers of ancient times, Knidos has come here.

The entrance fee to the ancient city of Knidos is 14₺, if you have Müzekart, it is free.. It is closed on Mondays and the box office closes at 18.00 in the summer.

This is one of the places recommended for sunset, but I have to say that the most winding and challenging roads compared to all Datça were the roads leading to the ancient city and return in the dark after sunset may not be easy. Although the closing time did not coincide with the sunset time, the departures had said that they permitted it. If you go during the day, I must say that I saw a small beach with a small sunbed on the left side, without going into the ancient city. Although there were boats, it was a calm and clean coast.

The best and correct information about the ancient city from this official page readable.

Datça Boat Tour

We did not do our boat tour rights in Datça since we used Marmaris and Göcek in this trip, but you can go on a blue tour with the boats departing from the Kumluk beach in Datça. Like most boat tours, it starts at 10.00 / 10.30 in the morning and returns to the starting point at 18.30 in the evening. In general, on the route of the tours; Dilek Cave, Pig Pit, Palamutbükü, Hayıtbükü, Incekum and Aquarium route. Especially İncekum on this route, I think it is legendary! If you do not plan to go and see at a different time, this tour can be a very good idea.

Aktur Kurucabük

Datca bays & beaches

Aktur Kurucabük

On the way to Datça, it is left on the road. A long, blue flag beach that passes through the holiday complex. Even though it was windy when we left, the beach was calm. There is a restaurant on the shore.

Karaincir Beach

This is a beach that you can go to before you arrive in Datça but after Aktur. As the sea is very shallow, it is generally preferred by families with children. There is a beach with places such as a site and a hostel, and you can put your towel free of charge and swim in the sea. If you are not with children and want to swim, I would say give priority to other bays.

Kargi Bay

Since Kargı Bay is one of the popular places, I suggest you to come here and enjoy it in the early hours. You can stay here for long hours as it will be a bay with a business. Since it is a small bay, it will be advantageous to go early. The way is not so compelling.

Datça Gerence Bay

Kizilbuk & Gabaklar Beach

You can find both names in your location searches on the map. Another bay with facility. Sea stony water is also a little cold. You can also meet the shade in the wooded part that does not want to rent sun beds, but I think you may want to pay attention to the bees that you will encounter in the region for such places.


Hayıtbükü is one of the big bays compared to the others and it is one of the places where families with children are loved by its shallow waters. It is also popular for being windless, but often crowded. You can swim in the sun lounges or by laying your towel aside here. Of course, due to the popularization, parking lot and more businesses started to take place. For lovers of organized beaches, this may be a good option.


Ovabükü is one of the beaches where you can spend both day and night. It can make you happy as a quiet holiday place where you can spend your days with restaurants, pensions and apartments right by the sea as well as the parts where you can sprinkle your towel and swim in the sea. Especially if you do not go at full busy time, it would be nice to stay in the calm of this bay, a few steps from the sea. On the sea side, there is also a sea style that families with children will love. It is also possible to park the cars on the nearby streets and get to the beach easily.

Barbuci Bükü

Barbuci Bükü

Barbuci has a magnificent view from above, especially when walking on curving roads. It has a stony and cheaper sea and a coastal bay. It is possible to go up to the edge of the bay by car and as far as I can see, it is also preferred for tent accommodation.

Akçabük Beach

Another beach without facilities is Akçabük. If you like to spend the day in a bay by taking your own umbrella, you can have a look here. It is possible to go to the edge of the bay with your vehicle. There are also trees for those who want shade.

Gerece Beach & Aquarium Bay

A very beautiful bay with clear water like a pool. You go down the bay from a slightly steep path and spread your towel where you find it. If you want to spend long hours, which I suggest, don’t forget to take your umbrella and something to have a picnic with. You can also park your car under the trees if you go early, or you can see cars lined up by the roadside.



We came to Datça’s most popular bend, Palamutbükü! Facilities, sunbeds, once again saying a beautiful azure water … When you come to Datça, you will not pass without seeing them. You can catch calm in the early hours, but it is also crowded because it is one of the most touristic places. So you might want to make your plan accordingly. If you want to stay a few steps from the sea, you can also take a look at the accommodation here.


If you like shopping in the places you go, there are of course you can also buy from Datça.

You can look at olives and olive oil, honey almond is the first thing that comes to mind and you may want to buy wines made from grapes produced in Datça. In the evening, you can browse the stalls on the Palamutbükü side in the center, or buy souvenirs from the boutique shops in Old Datça.

If you are going to Marmaris, you can get the honey from there.

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