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Perhaps Google is the place where we all hit the road in the internet world, at least that. Whether you are an inexperienced user or an experienced professional, the advanced Google search techniques I shared in this article will work for you.

Google is a search site that I try to use all kinds of milk from meat. There are so many simple words for some searches that you might say I don’t know how. It is very likely that you will know some of them, but if there is something that you do not know and interest, it will be easily remembered because you reach the result you want to search in a few words.

What else can you do on Google besides searching for words or a person? What can we learn from Google? What are the little-known Google search tips? What is possible to do with Google search shortcuts? How to take advantage of all this?

Here I have listed the search tips for the short answers of all these questions;

1. Use Tabs

If you use the tabs correctly in Google searches, you can reach the information you are looking for in a much shorter time. Along with every search line, there are many tabs at the bottom just like all, shopping, news, images, videos and more. If you are just looking for visuals, if you want to see videos about the image or what you write, clicking directly on the Video tab will make it much easier to find what you are looking for.

2. Complete Sentence Search

If you want all the words you wrote to appear in the results, Quotes (“) use. If you want to access Amsterdam travel posts, “Amsterdam travel writings” If you do, the results containing these 3 words in a row will be listed in front of you. Of course, when you search like this, the results containing “Amsterdam writings” will not be listed, you should also know this. Getting quotes when you want to find the results that contain all of the words you are looking for is one of the search methods that make it easier and shorter.

3. Using Wildcards


As a wildcard when you remember a piece of information missing Star (*) You can use the sign. If you say how this works for you, you can reach the conclusion of Berlin instead of stars for information such as “* wall collapsed in 1989”. Or, when you write the war with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk *, which has wider results, information about the wars he participated in will be listed.

4. Search Within a Specific Website

If there is information you need inside a site you know, go to the Google search box without going to that site ”site:”Is enough to add. “Site: esrageziyor.com paris” If you write in a format such as, the search results you want to find directly will be listed. If you want to search specifically for all sites that belong to educational institutions, for example, then you can search by typing the word you want to search in the “site: edu _______” space.

5. Searching for a Specific File Type

The word that should be used for this ” filetype: ”And then write the 3 letter file name. filetype: You can search for files like DOC, XLS, PPT with terms like PDF.

6. Using Google as a Calculator


If you want to transact with Google at that time, just write the numbers and transactions you want directly. Enter the math equation and enter the end = If you write ”, you can reach the result.

7. Exchange Rate Calculation

I use this method frequently to quickly see the Turkish Lira equivalent of the ticket, especially when I look at the flight ticket. To find the daily exchange rate in the search bar, currency = TL If you write, you can see that day’s rate. Or if you want to find out in which currency it corresponds to what currency after typing the whole number and equals, just write the name of that currency.

Converting Units of Measure

It is a very practical way especially for measurement units that we do not use. You can convert numbers and measurement units to different units by writing to Google. ” 1 mile = km You can reach the result by searching as “or” 1 barrel = liter “.

9. Searching for Flight Schedules and Prices

I also use Google frequently to see the times and prices of flights from one place to another. It lists almost all flights between the directions I am looking for. You can see the flights and prices on this line when you search by typing “Flights from Adana to Istanbul”. Another way of searching is to search in English, so more results are possible. With a search like “flights from Istanbul to Rome”, you can browse the flights between the cities you want.

10. Learning the Time in a Place

time: If you write the name of the country / city where you want to learn the time and then you can see the time in the place you are writing. If you want “hour:You can also search by typing. English uses are much better in terms of international results. Also for the sunrise ” sunrise: “Also for sunset” sunsetYou can find out the day hours of the city you will travel or any city by using the words:.

11. Finding Similar Web Pages

If you have web pages that you love very much, or if you have found good information and are looking for similar pages,related: You can use the term ”. For example, if you are looking for sites like esrageziyor.com, just search by typing ”related: esrageziyor.com”.

12. Viewing an Address on the Map

If you want to write the name of the place you are looking for and see it directly on the map, it is enough to use the word “map”. If you look at the address of everything, such as city name, hospital name or park name, you can search by typing its name + map.


Apart from these, if you want to reach the most searched words on Google since 2014, clicking here you can see the search history of words.

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