Live Cameras to Watch the Animal Kingdom

Social distance guidelines, obligations to work remotely and expanding closures around the world; it has allowed many of us to stay at home these days and connect more with nature. We may not go to South Africa to search for the big 5, or go to see penguins along Antarctica’s coastline, but many organizations share links to live webcams to see people and keep them connected.

Thanks to these wildlife webcams, we can come face to face with all kinds of creatures in our living room or kitchen. Whether you watch the elephants bathing late or browse the foxes, these 6 wild webcams will take you behind the mountains, forests and bushes.

Magellanic Penguins / California Aquarium, Pacific, Long Beach

The Pacific Aquarium, located on the southern coast of California, hosts 20 Magellanic penguins. You can watch rocky and underwater penguins from the camera here. They have different cameras for not only penguins but also sharks, a colorful tropical reef, hypnotic jellyfish and more.

African Elephants / Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa

In Tempe Elephant Park, close to Africa’s Mozambique border, there are several other large elephants, along with other large mammals. Do not forget to turn on the sound when turning on the webcam; In addition to elephants, sounds of birds and other living creatures are heard. Apart from elephants, you can see different types of antelope, leopards and other animals at the water’s edge.

Tennessee Aquarium / Chattanooga, Tennessee

This aquarium is home to the most diverse freshwater animals in America. Among them are otters living in the North American rivers, which spend their days in the rocks, climbing, splashing water and jumping into the water. It is possible to watch otters and animals in other live cameras 24/7.

Bald Eagles / Decorah, Iowa

You can see images of bald eagles near a private property near Decorah. When you click on Kamreya you can see an eagle sitting right in front of you. Thanks to this webcam installed on a tree top, you can witness the daily lives of the eagles.

Gray Wolves / International Wolf Center, Minnesota

They have set up multiple webcam broadcasts to monitor the wildlife of wolves from people all over the world on an area of ​​approximately 1.5 decares. Since 1989, this facility has been organizing various trainings and informing for the health and safety of wolves.

Gorilla Forest / Grace Center, Democratic Republic of the Congo

After a prolonged period with political unrest and the Ebola epidemic, and Congo’s Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education (GRACE) Center launched this publication in September 2019 so people can watch the gorillas. It may be nice to see these dangerous gorillas eating, sleeping and playing from where you sit.

Apart from these, there are also 92 live broadcasts on animals. from this link You can reach.

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