Free Content Available for Covid-19 Days

Nowadays, there are many free content about internet archivists, resources, magazines, books and applications that you can access from the internet. While most of them were paid, they opened all or some of their content for free until a certain time specific to these epidemic days, some of them were always free. Although the situations are bad, we can see them as an opportunity to reach and try such things.

I have written one by one content that is of interest to me and can be useful for the general public. Please do not forget to add it as a comment if you know anything.

SPORT / Down dog : Normally paid application is free until April 1. If you are a student or have an email address with the -edu extension, it is free until July 1st. While being a member, you can become a member accordingly. Afterwards, you can proceed from the application for daily exercise such as yoga and exercise.

BOOK / Adam Fawer : You can download 3 separate books free of charge as .pdf or .epub.

BOOK / Cambridge University Press :More than 700 textbooks published in Cambridge Core are available for free until the end of May from this link.

COURSE / Coursera : Courses can be accessed by registering for free in many fields. If you want to get a certificate then you have to pay a fee.

COURSE / Khan Academy : This website, which is mostly free Turkish lessons for high school and below student groups, is also one of the free ones if I don’t know wrong. There is good content that works.

COURSE / Opencultur to : There is about 1500 options of my listing on this site and almost all courses are free. Since you can find many courses in many subjects, it is necessary to examine a little.

DIGITAL / Google Garage: It offers free certified training, especially for those who want to specialize in digital marketing and Google services. There is a Turkish language option. One of my interests.

LEARNING / Curious : For those who believe in lifelong learning, they send you learning topics that you choose for 5, 15 or 30 minutes according to your choice not only in academic subjects but also in many subjects such as beer brewing, pipe soldering, organic gardening.

THE ENGLISH / Memris to : If you often want to learn new words in English or where to start, you can check this site.

THE ENGLISH / Duolingo : It sounds like an application that many people try and leave after a while, but I think it is nice to use it for the beginner level of many languages. It has application and it is very easy to use.

NEWS IN ENGLISH / Newsinlevels : If you want to read daily news to improve your English, the same news is presented to the reader on 3 different levels on this site.

EDUCATION / KOSGEB : You can get the trainings prepared with distance learning for free.

EDUCATION / Istanbul Business Institute : A platform where you can find a lot of training. You can get online certificates with exams after the trainings.

ENCODE / Freecodecamp : If you are looking for the exact time to learn coding, you can start from this site for free.

ENCODE / Beeacademy : In this site, coding education especially for children seems to be free. They made it fun to make videos fun. It can be taken care of for children between the ages of 6 and 14 or I think it already does not know and if you are curious.

Udemy, FutureLearn, Adison online courses and trainings. There are Neoskala, one of the other sites that catch my eye. Each site has content that you can spend minutes of if you are interested.

Hopefully they will help you to spend your time with high quality. Let me remind you again, you can write your favorite apps / websites as comments so everyone gets more out of it.

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